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“Replace Disposables With Reusables”, by Justin Lehrer | Visit Article Online

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White Paper
The Plastic Pallet And Fire Protection
This paper attempts to identify some of the specifics of the process used to obtain approval for use of plastic pallets as equivalent to wood pallets for use in warehouse storage. This paper is written to look at the issue in general and is not intended to cover all storage situations. Your specific situation should be evaluated by a fire protection specialist.
Download: Plastic Pallet & the Fire issue(A).doc

Tom Fitzgerald, President of TMF Corporation, discusses a question he hears often:
What is meant by “Plastic Pallets equivalent to wood pallets”?
Download: NGP FM Pallet submission.doc

Press Release
New HDPE-Construction PROTECH® Pallet Minimizes Potential for Contamination and Water Damage
Download: Protech Pallet Mat Hand_Final.pdf

Press Release
The PROTECH® Polymer Pallet is now available with an intermittent perimeter lip
Download: Press Rel – Protech with lip (mat).pdf