Frequently Asked Questions About Pallets

Are you looking for a plastic pallet but don’t know which one suits you?  Use the key points below to help decide which pallet your organization will need.

What size pallet will you need?
The size of your load will be important in making this decision. It’s important to not have the product load overhang the pallet’s edge. This makes shipping and storage much simpler and less accident-prone.

Is your pallet going to be used in a closed loop system or will it be sent out for a single-use trip?
If a plastic pallet is going to be kept in a closed loop system, a pallet manufactured from durable Polyethylene (PE) material is recommended. If you are shipping the pallet in a single-use/export situation, Advanced Composite Material (ACM) is recommended, as it is inexpensive and designed for this application.

What is the maximum weight that your pallet will need to hold?
Every plastic pallet has a weight range rating. It is important to know the weight of your product in order to spec the correct plastic pallet.

Is your pallet going to be used in an unsupported racking system?
If the plastic pallet will need to go into an “Edge” or “Drive Thru” racking system, without center support, a “Rackable” plastic pallet is required.

Are you double stacking your pallet?
If you are double stacking on top of an uneven or sensitive load, a full perimeter base or 3-runner pallet is recommended. If not, you may be able to use a less expensive 9-Leg nestable plastic pallet.

What type of equipment will the pallet be used on?
It is important to know if the plastic pallet will be moved with forklifts, hand jacks, conveyors or any other types of material handling equipment.