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Drum Pallet with 1” Lip GRS DRL 4845


Entry  4-Way
Length  48.25 in.
Width  45.25 in.
Height  7.00 in
Weight  59 lbs
Static Load  30,000 lbs
Dynamic Load  4,500 lbs
Pallet Style  Drum Pallet
Truckload Quantity  53’: 420
Sea Container  40’: 247


Reusable long life pallet
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Completely Recyclable
  • Retains Value
  • Sanitary
  • Custom ID Label Option
  • With lip around edge with openings for drum applications
  • Drums sized /1" lip
  • Plastic: Recycled Blend


Part Number: GRS DRL 4845
Dimensions: 48.25" x 45.25" x 7"
Usage Domain: Drums

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