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25 Gallon TripleRCan®


Not ready for the 32 gallon container, but the 20 gallon seems not quite big enough? The 25 gallon TripleRCan® is your container. It takes up no more floor space then the 20 gallon, but has 20% more capacity that allows for less frequent collection or more materials in your program. It is in use inside and outside for commingled recycling collection. The lid options are very popular with this size container. The lid with a hole encourages the collection of beverage bottles and cans or if paper is commodity you need separated, a slotted lid lets everyone know what this container for.


  • Container weight: 7.1 lbs
  • Container exterior height: 29.3"
  • Container interior height: 27.6"
  • Container diameter -top: 19.5"
  • Container diameter - bottom:15.25"
  • Lid weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Lid style: flat
  • Lid with hole available: yes
  • Lid with slot available: yes
  • Logo area: center / shoulder
  • Reinforcing radial ribs (rim / base): 34/24


Capacity: 25 Gallon

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