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  • Affordable Enough to Use One Way
  • Durable Enough for Repeated Use
  • Nine Leg Open Deck Construction
  • Can handle as much as 2,000 pounds evenly distributed uniform load
  • For Extended Life in a closed loop we recommend a 1500 pound or less load
  • Nestable: 31 nested Skidmarx pallets to make a stack 8 feet tall
  • 100% Recyclable
  • One Piece injection molded
  • Drain holes, steam cleanable
  • Plastic: Recycled Blend


Model SKID4048 Entry 4-Way Material Recycled Resins Length 48.00 in. Width 40.00 in. Height 6.00 in Weight Less than 16 lbs Dynamic Load 1,500 lbs Truckload Quantity 868-48’ truck / 930-53’ truck


Part Number: SKID4048
Dimensions: 48X40X6
Usage Domain: Shipping

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